QT Series Analog Firmware Updates

CAUTION: Updating the firmware incorrectly or using an update on the wrong DVR can permanently damage the chip-set on the DVR and make it unusable. Please verify that this update is written for your model.

Firmware updates are released to resolve performance issues and/or to add features. Any update could fail and cause problems if the steps are not followed correctly, or if the update is not required.

If you are not experiencing an issue that the firmware update was written to resolve, or you do not need the feature that is added by the update, please do not run the update.

If you have any questions about updating your firmware, please contact technical support. Q-See is not liable for systems damaged while updating the firmware. Q-See recommends contacting technical support, before updating, to avoid damage to your system.


QT2124 (3.2.0)

QT426 (3.2.0)

QT428 (3.2.0)

QT4332 (3.2.0)

QT446 (3.2.0)

QT454 (3.2.0)

QT4532 (3.2.0)

QT474 (3.2.0)

QT4760 (3.3.0)

QT5024 (3.3.0)

QT5032 (3.3.0)

QT504 (3.2.0)

QT5140 (3.3.0)

QT526 (3.2.0)

QT528 (3.2.0)

QT536 (3.2.0)

QT5440 (3.3.0) 3520A ONLY


Step 2A:  If your firmware was downloaded in Step 1A

Update via USB flash drive



QT228 (3.3.0)

QT4516 (3.2.0)

QT5132 (3.3.0)

QT534 (3.3.0)

QT5440 (3.3.0) 3520D ONLY

QT548 (3.2.0)

QT5516 (3.3.0)

QT5616 (3.3.0)

QT5680 (3.3.0)

QT5682 (3.3.0)

QT578 (3.3.0)


Step 2B:  If your firmware was downloaded in Step 1B

Update via USB Flash Drive


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