IP Camera Pin Configuration

There are ten wires in total from inside the camera. they are Brown, purple, orange, blue, yellow, gray, white, black, green and red.
Their functions are as follows:
a) Brown, purple, orange and blue are for network communication.
b) Yellow and gray provide PoE function for the camera.
c) White, black, green and red wires for power wires.

To connect a RJ45 connector, you just need six wires below. Leave the power wires (white, red, black and green) unconnected.

Brown -> pin 1 (for network communication)
Purple -> pin 2 (for network communication)
Orange -> pin 3 (for network communication)
Blue -> pin 6 (for network communication)
Yellow -> pin 4 or pin 5 (for PoE)
Gray -> pin 7 or pin 8 (for PoE)

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