QC9916 - 16 Channel 4K Analog HD DVR


QC Series – QC9916 DVR

4K Resolution @ 7FPS, 4MP @15FPS, 1080P @ 30FPS, H.264, 16 Channel (BNC) Analog HD, IVA (Channel 1 ONLY) Tripwire, Missing Object, Intrusion, PIR, Motion Detection


QC9916 - 16 Channel DVR spec sheet


How to Setup

QC Series Analog HD Quick Start Guide


FAQ Top Answers

AI Recording Setup

How to Change Camera Color Settings

IVA Setup

How to Playback

How to Backup

Mobile Setup


Trouble Shooting

QC Series Analog HD DVR Manual

Password Configuration from the Wizard

Password Reset using QC View

Changing from Color Night Vision to Black and White

Push Notification Setup



QC View for PC

QC View for OS X

ConfigTool 2.0 for PC

ConfigTool 2.0 for OS X

ConfigTool 4.0 for PC

ConfigTool 4.0 for OS X


Firmware Updates - None




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